Changing leaves and the appearance of our favorite pumpkin-flavored drinks mean that fall is here. But have you made time to get your nails ready for fall? 

Read through some of the fall nail trends we are already anticipating for this season. If you’re ready to treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, choose from our wide selection of spa services. Book an appointment today at 5 STARR Salon & Spa in Grove City and fall in love with your new nail design! 

Fall Nail Trends

Now that it’s fall, it’s time to mix up your nail color or design so they match the fall weather outside. But if you’re not sure what color you want to try next, read through some of our fall nail styles and be inspired by some of the new styles that are perfect for the colder weather.

Fall-Themed Nails

If you love fall — and your pumpkin spice lattes — that much, then go full-fall this year with your nails! Ask your nail technician about adding fall leaves and fall colors to your nails for a look that’s, without a doubt, fall-themed. 

Spooky Themed

If October means Halloween for you, then opt for a spooky set of nails. Whether you go for the darkest black, deep purple, sparkles, or some spooky-inspired design, they will make the perfect statement this year! 

Dark Teal

Teal might seem off-limits for fall, but opting for a darker teal shade is the perfect way to carry your favorite color into fall. Look for shades of polish that are the perfect blend of dark blue and rich emerald green for a manicure and pedicure that will stand out this fall! 


Terracotta is looking to be the perfect shade of orange polish this fall. For a color that’s chic but neutral, see if your technician has a shade close to terracotta! 

Red Wine

Nothing says fall like the colors of changing leaves. While deep reds might feel like something that should be reserved for Halloween costumes and the occasional vampire, red wine is the perfect shade of red to blend with the changing leaves, along with giving you and your nails a level of sophistication. 


If you want something that will blend in perfectly with the growing fall scenery outside, opt for something that’s beige! Treat yourself to both a manicure and pedicure with your favorite shade of beige for something that’s so simple yet perfect for fall! 

Shades of Purple

If purple is your favorite color, make sure you trade your light purple nails in for something warmer. Or if you want to move away from the typical red, oranges, and beiges of fall, purple is also a great way to still incorporate a pop of color into your wardrobe!

Forest Green

While all of the green outside might be turning to reds, browns, and oranges, that doesn’t mean you can incorporate some deep green into your fall manicure or pedicure. Pick a shade like bold forest green for a nail color that will help you prepare for the evergreen shades of winter. 

Midnight Blue

If you’re not ready to go black or too dark, consider trying a midnight or deep blue. In the right light, this shade will look almost black but you’ll be able to see just a tinge of blue glisten through, mirroring the blackened surface of the ocean. 

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