Our 5 Starr Salon Spa Shares Tips on Waxing Before and Aftercare

If you have unwanted hair on particular parts of your body, you may have contemplated waxing as a method of hair removal. Contact 5 STARR Salon & Spa in Grove City to get the process done efficiently and safely. Visiting our waxing salon in Grove City is an enjoyable experience and ensures desired results. Here is some information about what to do before your visit to our spa for treatment as well as aftercare to conduct when your salon session ends.


Do not shave or remove hair on your own in the weeks before your appointment. Our staff will let you know how many weeks’ growth they require for your waxing treatment to be it’s most effective. It is best to avoid shaving between waxing treatments altogether if you plan on having subsequent appointments made.


You will be asked to indicate which areas you wish to have waxed and the locations are prepped for the procedure with the application of a moisturizing agent to help reduce discomfort. Wax is applied gently to the locations and adhesive is used to lift the hairs from the body with minimal irritation. If at any time you experience pain, let our staff know immediately.


After your waxing treatment, use tea tree or lavender along with witch-hazel cream to keep your skin moisturized. It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight or tanning for a full 48 hours after your session at our salon. In addition, avoid heat from saunas or steam rooms for two days as well. Avoid taking a hot shower or bath right after your treatment. In addition, avoid wearing tight clothing to prevent irritation, wearing deodorant if you had your underarms waxed, swimming in a chlorinated pool, or doing extensive exercise for one to three days after your treatment.

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