Whether you’re considering getting waxed for the first time or are a regular old pro when it comes to those little salon strips, it’s just as important to care for your body properly after the job as it is to find the right professional to do it.

Obviously, we’ve got you covered on the first one. We are committed to providing you with the services you need to feel healthy, happy, relaxed and taken care of. Once you leave our salon, however, we pass the baton to you – and that includes a proper post-waxing care routine.

We provide the best body waxing in Grove City has to offer, and all for a price you can afford. Luxury without breaking the bank … isn’t that what every gal or guy is looking for?


Whether you’ve just received eyebrow waxing or bikini waxing, there are a few post-care tips you should follow:Start exfoliating regularly 2 days after waxing

  • Apply moisturizer every day
  • Avoid tight clothing, antiperspirant, hot water and sun on waxed areas for the first day
  • Don’t shave between visits; use tweezers if you must
  • Use Neosporin as necessary to prevent scabbing or itching of irritated areas, but as it contains antibiotics, don’t apply unless necessary
  • Keep waxed areas clean, washing thoroughly every day to avoid blocking pores and causing ingrown hairs

If you follow these tips, the results of your bikini waxing or eyebrow waxing will be better, with less chance of irritation or infection overall. We highly recommend making this a regular part of your spa waxing routine!

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