Wondering about acrylic nails? Here are the FAQs you’ve been longing to have answered.

Should You Get an Acrylic Manicure?

Have you been wondering if you should get an acrylic manicure from a nail salon in Grove City, Ohio? Obviously we think the answer is yes, especially as 5 STARR Salon Spa provides beautiful, long-lasting work that will match your personal style and aesthetic.

What Are the Aesthetic Options for Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails present lots of fun options. You can get a French tip, using the standard white or glitter colors on the top or base. You can also just paint the tops like a standard nail and enjoy the increased strength.

What About Shaping?

Acrylic nails also present lots of options for different nail shapes, such as square, rounded or square with rounded tips.

What Is Upkeep Like?

Keeping up acrylic nails is simple. You just visit the salon every two weeks (or less) for a new application. At that time you can choose a new style if you like.

How Should You Remove the Nails?

If you choose not to reapply nails, you should have them taken off at three weeks at the latest. Otherwise you may chip an acrylic nail and it could split your real nail with it. Other than that, they are perfectly safe in all respects.

Removal should be performed at the salon to protect your nails. While this costs money, it doesn’t cost as much as putting nails on, and it is so much better for your nails than chipping them off at home.

How Are Acrylics Different from Silk Wraps or Gel Nails?

While all three nail types are considered artificial, they use different materials. Gel nails are layered coats that go on like polish, but have to be hardened in between. Silk wraps use silk as a base layer to strengthen nails, while acrylics are a mix of powder and solution that form a soft application, which hardens as it cures.